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Memory Character Info

Sun Dec 15, 2013, 12:53 PM

Copyright 2010 Journal Skin by Airamneleb

These characters are from my story called "Memory" that I wrote several years ago.
Memory by lightshowonks
Memory - A withdrawn young man takes under the alias Sano Mitsunami and attends his older brother’s former school. What answers he is looking for are unclear but he knows something wasn’t right about his brother’s sudden death. Or is there something more he’s looking for and why he did he choose to keep his identity a secret?

Rikura by lightshowonks
Rikura – A beautiful young lady that attends Inkei High School and seems to know Memory’s past. Her agenda and how she is connected to Gaito is unknown.
Gaito by lightshowonks
Gaito – Gaito was the child prodigy and loved by all. He was known to be a very cheerful and loved poetry. Prior to the story Gaito leaves home to attend Inkei High School but later takes his own life. He becomes another tragic occurrence that happens at his former school. He leaves behind "Falls and Rises" poem to his younger brother Memory.
Amiko by lightshowonks
Amiko –  Amiko is a shy a soft spoken girl that is usually seen by herself She finds the courage to talk to the new student Sano Mitsunami but doesn’t who he really is and why he is here.
Nero by lightshowonks
Nero – After tragic incident Nero becomes very angry towards the world. Now the new student Sano Mitsunami appears out of nowhere and he reminds him of someone he despises. He’ll do anything to get Sano out of this school.


United States
My name is Rachel! I know I've had this deviantart for awhile so it's about time I started adding my own works! I do writing, drawing, and photography. That's probably what you are going to see here and of course I want to do new things too. I want to learn how to do animations and maybe make a sims date since I do play them...a lot. Well my main goal is to make my characters come to life. I would love to see them like I got to see some of my favorite characters. If there's any advice on how to do that let me know. In the meantime I'll continue what I love doing which is creating characters and their stories.
That being said I do not tolerate any inappropriate behavior. And I do not authorized any use of my artwork. Thank you! I hope your days are full of awesomeness! :D

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